Our Industry Focus


We pride ourselves in serving the telecom industry throughout entire US. With industry professionals who have worked in all aspects of telecommunications, we can provide more than resumes to our clients. We provide the confidence to our clients that when we present a candidate, we understand the fundamental requirements needed to be successful in the position being filled. We have been immensely successful in creating a national network of highly adept and intelligent telecom professionals, who will exceed all expectations. Contact Us Today for your Telecom recruiting needs staffing agency engineering


We have formed a vast network within the industry to provide some the best talent in the country. Rest assured that not only are they talented, but well vetted for your satisfaction. We focus on Engineering and design. We have many engineers open and looking for their next career move. From manufacturing, RF, to antenna design we got you covered.


IT / Data


There are many crucial roles within the utility industry. from power, telecom - to carriers, and many more. We have experienced people who have been on the front lines when it comes to managing and directing america's infrastructure projects. We understand those needs and understand how important it is to have technical skilled employee's are. Contact us today to help fill those needs. Let us focus on the people so you can focus on mission critical projects and goals.